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Our aim as a Club is to improve the lives of children in need, one project at a time! 

One of the ways our dedicated members accomplish this is through many hours of service directly in the Peterborough community. Projects such as our In-school Reading Buddies program enable volunteers to directly connect with, and positively impact, young, struggling readers.


Another way we offer support is through donations. All of the money we collect and donate supports youth in various ways. Some examples include: scholarships, youth and family programming, camps, leadership workshops, school supplies, and books, just to name a few! 

We rely on contributions from our community partners so that we can in turn support youth programs, food programs, and SO much more that our community needs, now more than ever! Click here to learn more about our connections to the Peterborough community.


The Kiwanis Club of Scott's Plains is a non-denominational Community Service Club for ageless men and women. Each meeting is a social time to discuss current club business, and hear from a notable speaker of community interest. There is always a report on how the youth of Peterborough have benefited over the previous month, through the community service of our Club.

Visit our contact us page for more info.



The Kiwanis Club of Scott's Plains was born in 1975 as a Kiwanis Retirees Club. Membership was originally offered to retired men with concern for their community.

The Kiwanis Club of Peterborough believed that retired persons should not be written off because of age,

"for they possess many envied qualities, among them time and experience".

The club would enjoy the fellowship of meetings, opportunities to serve the community, and full participation in all other Kiwanis activities, however would not necessarily have to hold to the rigid rules of existing clubs.

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The club received it's name in recognition of the area's first settler, Adam Scott. Adam was a man of courage, an intrepid adventurer and a hard-working builder, all of which were attributes that seemed in line with the aims of this new club.


Over the years, the club has grown to include both men and women, retirees and working folk alike. All who want to help kids are welcome!


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