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Due to COVID-19, the Reading Buddies program is currently on hold until further notice.

When it is again safe to visit our schools, we are all excited to continue doing our part to build a better future.


Our in-school Reading Buddies program enables volunteers to directly connect with, and positively impact, young, struggling readers in our own community. 

Students struggle for many different reasons - lack of interest, lack of energy, lack of confidence, processing difficulties, learning styles, just to name a few. This can often result in quickly being left behind by their peers. Without extra support, these students will likely continue to struggle all through school. Kiwanis Reading Buddies volunteers are matched with students who, for various reasons, are not achieving the expected reading level for their age. "Big Buddies" meet with their "Little Buddies" weekly, helping them to build confidence and practice the skills they need to become stronger readers, and future leaders!


Visit our contact us page to get involved!

Our Reading Buddies program is a great way to directly support our youth in the Peterborough community. Members and non-members alike are invited to share their love of reading with students in a positive, safe, one-to-one setting.

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