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Kiwanis International is a  non-profit charity comprised of over 7,000 clubs,  each empowered by individual communities all over the world.
Our members are united in our
passion for helping children to succeed and thrive.
Clubs strive to provide children with access to
opportunities and support that they may
not otherwise have available to them.

Kiwanis Meeting_2017_00331_Greg Whitaker

Kiwanis places its focus on the human and spiritual, rather than the material values of life. 

Kiwanis encourages daily living

of the Golden Rule in all


Kiwanis clubs work to promote the application of higher social, business, and professional standards.

Through clubs, Kiwanis aims to provide a practical means to form

enduring friendships, 

render altruistic service, 

and build better communities.

Kiwanis International is a community of more than 550,000 members across 80 countries and geographical areas. Kiwanis members are dedicated to improving the lives of children everywhere, one community at a time. 

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Peterborough is  home to not only us, the Kiwanis Club of Scott's Plains, but also the Kiwanis Club of Peterborough. Until recently, also home to  the Liftlock Aktion Club, a Club for Adults with Disabilities.

The Kiwanis Club of Scott's Plains is an enthusiastic group of dedicated individuals who share a love for their community and a passion to help better the future of it for our youth.

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